Olive Garden Pasta Pass!

I've been eating at Olive Garden every single day since 9/24/2018 (with very few exceptions - like holidays, etc.). I've decided that I should document this pasta adventure, just in case I have adverse side effects. At least if I keep track of everything, there will be a record of my foolishness. I was lucky enough to be one of 1,000 people who bought a year-long pasta pass for $300. With my pass I can eat at Olive Garden all day, every day if I choose to. And I've chosen to :)

I've stuck to vegan choices, with a couple exceptions (like ranch dressing a couple times) and so far I've lost ten pounds. 

Here's a map of all the locations I've visited.

So far the best part is watching ALL the first dates happening around me. Seriously daters, why do so many of you choose Olive Garden for your first dates?

And the worst thing is how many times I don't get a chocolate at the end. I feel petty asking my server to come back and BRING ME MY CHOCOLATE! so I pout and leave ...

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