Clean comedy - open mics

I had a challenging show last week in Marysville. They audience was all ages, from young kids to retired couples, and everything in between. Usually I try to tailor my jokes to the audience, to what I think they'll relate to. But with such a diverse audience, it's a lot harder. Turned out to be a great show. All the comics did great and the audience really seemed to enjoy everyone. Lots of fun. I won't be so worried next time I have that type of situation.

Last night I did two open mics, first one in Stockton. It's in a coffee shop, so again, a different kind of audience. The host, Jimmie Menezes does a good job of getting people out for the show, I've only done it a couple times but it's been good both times and it's really nice to see comics who I don't get to see as often. On my way home I stopped at Boston's off of Bradshaw, which was just getting going. Rico Da Great is the host every Tuesday. He's hilarious.  I was happy with my set there too - so that was a good night of open mics.

Tonight I'm hosting for the show at Sammy Hagar's in Roseville. Kristen Frisk is featuring and Jason Resler is headlining. Sammy's comedy night is fairly new but they've got a great thing going. 

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